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Do you live in or around the Baytown, Texas area and need the best carpet cleaning service in the Baytown area? Look no Further because Baytown Carpet Cleaning Pros offers the best carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, grout cleaning, furniture cleaning, and air duct cleaning services. When it comes to quality of cleaning, we make sure that every step is met with our cleaning procedures. We are excellent with dog stains, pet stains and we understand that your animals mean everything to your family. No matter what type of stain you have we are able to clean it easily without issues. We are red stain removal experts. We offer Basic Packages, Pet Packages, and Restoration Packages as part of our services for our customers in Baytown, Texas.

Why Hire Baytown Carpet Cleaning Pros?

Our staff and technicians are all IICRC Certified which means we are specifically trained to deal with any type of carpet cleaning you may have for your residential or commercial property. We take pride in being IICRC Certified. We are also a Veteran Owned Company and our technicians have a combined experience of over 40 years. Our equipment and our Truck Mount machines are all top of the line and the most expensive machines on the planet. When you hire Baytown Carpet Cleaning Pros, you are getting a company that cares about their employees and in return they will care about the quality of cleaning in your home and our customer too.

Our Process?

The first step is to call our office and make an appointment to have your carpets or tile cleaned. When the technicians shows up in one of our wrapped vans, they will introduce themselves to you in a professional manner and look at the areas you are wanting cleaned. They will go over the pricing with you. This is very important because we have prices designed to specifically meet the demands of every cleaning. We believe in creating a perfect package that is right for the customer and the demands of their cleaning. We always vacuum the carpet first to remove any hard soiling that is dried in the carpet. We then follow the vacuuming up with a pre spray that is formulated to really break down any stains and traffic areas in your carpet. Lastly, we steam clean your carpet and bring it back to life. We also offer a restoration cleaning if your carpet is extremely dirty and has not been cleaned in over a year or two. Our restoration package even brings the nastiest and filthiest carpet back to life easily. We have the capabilities of cleaning any type of carpet no matter the condition of it.

Price Shopping Vs Hiring Quality?

One of the biggest factors in making the right carpet cleaning decision should not be price. Price will only determine how clean your carpets will or will not be. Be aware of yard signs on the side of the road offering heavily discounted services because they will bait and switch you in your home every time and you will end up paying way more for the same job. Hire a company that stands behind their work and offers up front pricing. Expect to pay at least forty dollars per room for a super quality carpet cleaning and most of the time more than that depending on stains and other factors as well. Price Shopping is not the way to go about looking for professional carpet cleaning, all price shopping does is end up costing you more money because the first decision is usually a bad one. If you are looking for the best carpet cleaning in the Baytown, Texas Carpet Cleaning Area, look no further.


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